Metric Technologies harnesses the value of the collective integration of technologies by applying its know-how to large scale developments, communities and cities. By applying a multitude of innovative tech, and cross-communicating different individual assets, we create intelligent ecosystems that are safer, smarter and more sustainable.

As the backbone of all solutions we offer, Metric Technologies considers ICT to be a core competency of our offering. Technically certified with all industry benchmark certifications, our team continuously provides top tier ICT services to leading institutions.

Within the complex realm of the Audio-Visual domain, Metric Technologies is at the forefront of offering functional solutions for complex requirements. Our in-house ability to integrate multiple systems and technologies into single platform solutions is a key to our success.

We are specialists in the provision and integration of all Low-Current / Low-Voltage Solutions. Our ability to take on all scopes within this domain as a single source provider offers our clients a streamlined approach to commercial and technical benefits.

We provide highly sophisticated electronic and physical security solutions, in-line with the latest global technologies and industry standards. Metric Technologies is certified and approved by all the competent regulatory authorities in the UAE, such as the AD-MCC, SIRA, MOI and GHQ.