Home Automation goes beyond technology. It is an all-encompassing lifestyle solution that aims to enhance the residences value proposition by way of increased control, security, entertainment, quality of life, aesthetics, sustainability and more. A successful installation makes the technology work for the homeowner. A proper design ensures that the benefits of technology are delivered without the complexity of it. The result is a streamlined solution that is minimalistic in nature, functional is essence and appealing decoratively.

Our Residential division is recognized in the UAE and the GCC as the leading Home Automation Solutions Provider. Catering to the higher-end segment of the market, Metric Technologies has established its reputation for ultra-luxury smart home installations, with some of the most bespoke and luxury projects forming the backbone of our track record.

Control Systems

All systems within a residence are linked into a single control platform. This platform allows the users to view, manage and control each and every system locally or remotely. The platform is an application that can be accessed from Mobile Phones, Tablets, Touchscreens, TVs and Wall-Keypads. The application features a user-experience that is simple and intuitive.

Lighting Control

Lighting is a cornerstone feature of any residence. It serves functional and decorative objectives. Having the ability to control the ambience is a critical part of any home automation system. Through the application, the user can set collective lighting moods & programmed scenes, control induvial lighting circuits, setup motion-based lighting, manage dimming profiles, and much more.

Wiring Accessories

Automation caters to decoration just as much as it caters to functionality. The ability to select keypads and power / telecom sockets in a wide range of high-quality materials and finishes is critical in the execution of a modern-day home. The added value of this is two- fold: First, the keypads offer a traditional way of controlling systems such as lighting within the space, that run in parallel with the control application. Second, the ability to program these traditional keypads to control multiple systems such as HVAC, Lighting, Music, and Window Treatments allow for decorators to minimize numerous accessories on the walls, cleaning up the spaces and reducing what is referred to as “Wall Acne”.


Audio-Visual Systems form a key pillar of home entertainment. In multi-room villas, our solutions aim to centralize TV systems. What this means is that all set-top boxes – such as elife boxes, Apple TV Players, Media Players, etc. – are all placed in central closet. All TVs are linked to this closet, allowing the homeowners to access any of these video sources on any TV, at any time. This is done through the control application, or through a single universal remote. This is similar to the entertainment platforms of higher end hotels and airlines. While this has key functional advantages in terms of streamlining the entertainment experience, it also provides decorative advantages by removing devices and remote clutters from the rooms, allowing decorators to install clean, flat panel TVs with no apparent wiring.


Music and entertainment are synonymous. We offer a wide range of audio systems that cater to a Hi-Fidelity, whole-home music experience. Our selection of products address performance as well as aesthetics. From “invisible” ceiling speakers to designer speakers, our range is extensive. Through the application, the homeowners can select any music selection, and play it any zone, at any time, individually or collectively. Our music range covers everything from back-ground music to high-performance, entertainment grade music.

HVAC Control

The capability of managing HVAC / Climate Systems from a centralized application platform is perhaps the most functional aspect of a home automation system. The application allows the users to control AC systems individually or collectively, locally and remotely. Pre-Programmed Scenes can maintain a uniform, comfortable temperature though the residence, if the user requires.

Curtain, Blind and Drape Control

Centralized control of all Window Treatments provides the homeowners with a level of unmatched convenience. From the application, all shades, blinds and drapes can be controlled individually or collectively. They can also follow scenes that allow them to operate based on time of day.

Security Systems

Security as an essential component of any home. Our solutions offer a large portfolio of security assets such as Cameras / CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion Detection and more. Our security designs follow industry standards for best practices that render a safer home. As with all systems, the Security Systems can be managed and viewed from the application.

Private Cinemas

For the ultimate entertainment experience, we provide reference-level home theater installations that will mimic the immersive experience of being in a cinema. From 8k Projection Technologies, 3D Sound, Atmos Technologies, Acoustical Treatments and Audio Assets, our certified AV engineers ensure the production of cinema-tier designs and installations.

Energy Management

Sustainability is a must in any modern residence. The virtues of which help the environment in addition to reducing homeowner costs. Integrated systems allow for automatic behaviors within a home that will significantly reduce energy consumption. In any zone within a residence, if no occupancy is detected, the lighting will turn off, the AC system will go into preservation mode, the curtains / blinds will close, etc. Other systems that help monitor and manage energy consumption from the application will give the homeowner the tools required to participate in sustainable behavior.


We provide all Information Technology solutions that further enhance the residences we work with. Verticals such as Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi, Intercom Solutions, IP Telephones, Telecommunication, Media Servers and more all form a part of our expertise.


Home Automation is only limited by imagination. Using the same control applications and technologies, our experts can offer homeowners control of virtually any electrical system, such as Leak Detection, Irrigation, Heaters & Exhausts, Pool & Spa Control.