The project features a Reference-level Home Cinema System. This theatre integrates all the Audio-Visual parameters required to mimic a true cinema experience. These include Dolby Atmos, 3D sound, True 4k, Laser Projection, Acoustic Treatments, DSPs, Full Range Speakers, and more.

Located on the Palm Jumeirah, this Bespoke Villa is typical of the luxury residences that Metric Technologies provide solutions for. A comprehensive control system paired with a performance level Audio-Visual System all contribute to the lifestyle KPIs we cater to.

Reserved for VIP persons, the Villa Estates on the Najmat Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi are known for the stature. Metric Technologies executed their highend Home Automation Solutions over an living area exceeding 60,000 square feet. The Villa also features a state-of- the-art reference level private cinema for an unrivalled viewing experience.

Located on the Saadiyat Island of Abu Dhabi, this large residence is an architectural masterpiece. Metric Technologies was boarded onto this project in order to curate a VIP Lifestyle experience through the utilization of Home Automation and AV Solutions. The specification level of this project render it an ultra-high value execution.

Designed by the award-winning company – Chakib Richani Architects – this villa is located in the Safa Park area of Dubai. The attention to detail in this project is unrivalled in the industry. Each and every aspect of the Home Automation System was designed to enhance lifestyle, promote entertainment and blend into the interior decoration of the home.

Automation and AV systems apply to residences as much as to luxury offices. Metric Technologies delivered these solutions in a Private Office setting. The objectives were to produce all the benefits of Automation, in addition to the utilization of leading technologies to enhance workspace productivity and collaboration.

This Ultra-Modern Villa is located on the prestigious Golf Course on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi. Designed by BEAD Architects, this villa is a masterpiece of modern design. Metric Technologies ensured that the client’s objectives were met: 1. Complete functionality with a minimal visual footprint. 2. Simple and intuitive control of all features.

Located in HIDD Al Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi, this modern villa was designed by the award-winning architecture firm XBD Collective. In additional to an all encompassing Home Automation / AV System, the standout feature of this project was to use the Home Automation not only for functionality, but to blend in and further enhance the decoration of this residence.

These villa estates located in Dubai & Abu Dhabi covers a collective living space of 80,000 Square Feet. The Villas feature all the technologies within the realm of Home Automation and AV solutions. The concept of these villas follows a Modern Californian Design, with large open spaces and courtyards.

The scale of these projects, in addition to the scopes undertaken, make them some of the largest Home Automation Projects in the GCC. The Dubai Villa also features a state-of-the-art reference level private cinema for an unrivalled viewing experience.